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Consolidating school distrcts

Although the original purpose of the union free district was to provide for a secondary education, about one-sixth of these districts currently do not operate a high school.Today, 151 union free school districts operate, of which 30 provide only elementary education.Eleven of the latter are components of a central high school district; the balance provides secondary education services by contracting with a neighboring district.An additional 16 union free districts have been established solely to serve to children resident in specified childcare institutions; these are often referred to as "special act" school districts. Typically, a common school district would cover only a portion of a single town. The first school districts were small, both in area and student population.This is a list of school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a U. The article for each Pennsylvania county with more than one school district includes a map showing all public school districts in the county.

There are a number of different types of school districts in New York State.Like union free districts, central school districts have authority to operate a high school.The governance of a central school district follows essentially the same laws as a union free district; thus a central school district can be viewed as a variation of a union free district.Common school districts are governed by either a sole trustee or a board of trustees comprising three members. As originally conceived, the legislation contemplated two or more common school districts joining to provide a high school.The voters of the district may vote at any annual meeting to change size from one to three, or vice-versa. Many of the early union free districts had boundaries coterminous with, or close to, the boundaries of a village or city.

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For some school districts, reorganization may provide a solution to the negative effects of declining school enrollment.

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