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Posted by / 10-Nov-2017 19:00

Still it's like me saying all white girls don't like Asian men .that my experience dating white women are horrible and that white women are racist and hate asian men. And I do see sometimes Asian guys with white girls.

That sounds PC but you can't generalize too much about these things either.

Now if your talking about traditional Asian girls..that's a different matter.

I find that Asian girls in Asia who are more liberal tend to date out more.

I've never dated a Korean from Korea so maybe that's different. I should have said my experience with korean girls.

Wish I could find one honestly, the religious aspect of them makes things easier, but they seem so xenophobic and under cultural pressure that they would never date a white man, at least not openly, the one I dated was scared to death of letting anyone know she was seeing me...was the chinese girl actually... I seen and met plenty of Asian (Korean chinese etc) that has no issues with dating inter-racially.

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