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Dns slave not updating

If a global notify statement is 'no' this statement may be used to override it for a specific zone and, conversely, if the global options contain a also-notify list, setting notify 'no' in the zone will override the global option.

This statement may be used in normal zone, view or a global options clause.

These IP(s)s are in addition to those listed in the NS records for the zone.

This address must appear in the remote end's allow-transfer statement for the zone being transferred.allow-notify applies to slave zones only and defines a match list, for example, IP address(es) that are allowed to NOTIFY this server and implicitly update the zone in addition to those hosts defined in the masters option for the zone.The default behaviour is to allow zone updates only from the masters IP(s).If set to yes when the server receives a new version of a slave file by a non-incremental zone transfer it will compare the new version to the previous one and calculate a set of differences.The differences are then logged in the zone's journal file (appended to zone file name) such that the changes can be transmitted to downstream slaves as an incremental zone transfer.

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The allow-update in the first zone clause could have been omitted since it is the default behavior.