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Fifteen New Yorkers head out for a night on the town that has unexpected consequences in this independent ensemble drama.

Larry (Bill Sage) is a record company executive who is dating Mia (Maria Zyrianova), a beautiful model several years his junior, though he's also been sleeping with Emily (Holley Fain), his personal assistant.

Also at the club with romance on her mind is Michelle (Paola Mendoza), who is finally meeting Jack (Michael Muhney) after weeks of chatting on an internet dating site; however, Michelle's jealous former boyfriend (Billy Lush) is keeping his eye on her.

Abby (Merissa Morin) is deeply in love with her boyfriend Marc (Bill Dawes), a bartender at the club, but is surprised to learn that her friend Clarice (Frankie Shaw) also has romantic feelings for her.

This was Kellie Waymire's (Crewman Cutler) final appearance before her death.

Though disoriented and incoherent, he still manages to formulate a suitable antidote, and collapses back into hibernation.

Elsewhere, Tucker and Reed are in a noisy nightclub filled with exotic female aliens.

Two women join them for a drink and invite them to view some nearby subterranean gardens, but when they reach the basement underneath the bar, the "females" suddenly morph into male aliens.

Meanwhile, in Sickbay, Doctor Phlox prepares to take his annual six-day hibernation, but he informs Sub-Commander T'Pol that two days should be sufficient.

Some time later, Mayweather contacts Enterprise after a rock-climbing accident, and is unnerved by Phlox's absence, but Crewman Cutler reassures him that she can handle his broken leg.

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