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Halo updating problems

It's a revelatory improvement and the remarkable reality is that 343's 4K patch doesn't seem to offer huge improvements to core asset quality.There are some tweaks, improvements and refinements, but the fact is that by increasing resolution and texture filtering quality alone, the game is massively transformed, its inner beauty finally revealed.There is a sense that the original artwork crafted for the game was never fully visible on an original Xbox One and with Halo 5 only existing in a limited form on PC, there's a good argument that we never got to play the entire game in the way it was meant to be played.

Additionally, when running the game in windowed mode (-window), users can toggle between windowed and the new windowed-fullscreen mode by pressing .

However, that silky-smooth performance level came at a price: image quality.

Xbox One just wasn't powerful enough to resolve everything the game had to offer, but with the release of Xbox One X, there's a strong argument that 343's vision is now fully delivered.

The only users that can play the game now are those that purchased Ultimate Edition.

If you did purchase Ultimate Edition and can’t access your game, contact Xbox Support’s purchases department to look into the issue.

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The Master Chief Collection is slated for upgrades early next year, while owners of the original Xbox 360 version of Halo 3 can already enjoy it at a much higher resolution with HDR enabled - a superb spin on Xbox 360 backward compatibility, and something we'll be looking at in more depth soon.

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