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Photo Credit: Feng Long Photography Although it may not be realistic to pack your bags, book a few flights, and escape to Hawaii, (we wish!) a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is with a small trip, even if it’s only for a single day.You can also do something as simple as a bike ride downtown or buying a bottle of wine that you can save to enjoy on next year’s anniversary.Another great idea is to write love letters to each other that you will open and read on next year’s anniversary, throwing in any hopes or aspirations you have for this next year together.Make this year’s anniversary with your significant other something special — one that will bring you closer together.This article will cover anniversary ideas that will reinforce that special bond with new memories and shared experiences.Your anniversary is meant to be celebrated , by spending time together and doing things that are unique and special to the both of you.If you need some inspiration for a date activity to do this year, here are 7 great ideas!

Escaping your everyday stressors of life will allow you to enjoy some relaxation time and focus on each other.

To add a twist of something new to your anniversary celebration, you can start a new ritual that you two will do every year.

For example, you can create an anniversary journal in which you each write an entry every year, reflecting on your celebration activities and new memories.

The focus is on anniversary ideas for together time at home, getting away or having a wild and crazy new experience together.

The best way to create a memorable anniversary is to do something new and different together as a couple. New experiences reinforce the shared bond you already have and create strong new memories. You can, however, maximize each and every second you spend.

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