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While many locals were supportive of the decals, others said the message was dismissive to the Black Lives Matter movement.

• posted by dangum on november 21, 2017 A recording from Live's first ever tour of Austraila in 1995 as recently surfaced.

A second CD featuring a live concert from 1992 will also included.

This recording includes live versions of Negation, Heaven Wore A Shirt and unreleased track Susquehanna as well a the majority of tracks from Mental Jewelry.

Live's performance at The Metro in Sydney was recorded by national radio station Triple J and was broadcast as part of their weekly 'Live at the Wireless' programme.

7 tracks from the show are available for download from the link below.

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Our lives matter just as much as anybody’s.'I’m not racist or anything like that, I’m not trying to stir anything up like that. 'Just 'cause it has 'Blue Lives Matter' on the hood, all lives matter.

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