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He was named an honorary Philippine Secret Agent and presented a custom-made .25 caliber pistol by then Vice Chief of Staff General Fidel Ramos.

He was a familiar sight as a guest on popular TV shows, film festivals, and awards nights.

Two businessmen, Maolo and Simeon, pay the demands but Weng Weng suspects foul play and goes deep undercover to reveal the identity of Mr X.

As a child, Weng Weng was described by his brother and some of his childhood peers as a mischievous but cheerful kid.

In 1990 he was awarded a special citation for services to the Filipino film industry by then first lady Imelda Marcos and joined her at the presentation in a special karaoke "duet" version of "My Way".

An unauthorized recording of their performance was later released on bootleg cassette and sold 200,000 copies.

The film ends with Agent 00 locating the secret island that Mr.

Giant uses for a hideout, dispensing with the red beret wearing guards, and meting out his special form of justice.

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Weng Weng's first movie part is believed to be that of the baby Moses in the 1972 Filipino biblical epic "Go Tell It On The Mountain", which also starred future Philippine president Joseph Estrada as the adult Moses.