My friend is dating my little sister

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My friend is dating my little sister

Maybe if she's reminded that she's not alone she'll stop or at least wait for me to leave. We sit there, both of us waiting for the other to make their move. I get back to the crack of the stall to look at the mirror. She stands over June and puts her hands on her hips. All you need to do is get these pierced," she reaches down and twists what I assume are June's nipples. Reyna stands over her, hands on her hips, and watches. It must be, unless June and Reyna just did a perfectly synchronized sex roleplay without meeting before. I open the door and all I can see are her amber, beautiful, eyes. "I need Reyna to control my slutty cunt." Does Maria know Reyna is in here? It's two consenting adults, but two adults potentially breaking the heart of Maria. "I need Reyna to control me." "I need Reyna to control me." "I will do anything to have Reyna control me," whispers Reyna. Repeat it." "Once my nipples are pierced, I will belong to Reyna." "Good slut." June hums with delight at the insult. Cum and then leave." The next two minutes are awkward as June no longer attempts to control her volume. I get back up to look at the crack, and all I can see is the red dress of Reyna. But she's punky with a pixie haircut, pink hair, short jean shorts, a blue tank top, and red suspenders. "I'm starving." Maria starts to flip through the sticky menu. I try to maintain eye contact, but whenever I do, I get lost in her amber eyes. Then she places a hand on Maria's wrist and Maria's nervous flipping stops suddenly. She's used the whine on me before, and it always works. I assume it's the check, but when I turn it over, I see it's her name followed by seven numbers. Reyna glances at the note, smirks, and then slides the paper to Maria. Why did my perfectly straight best friend suddenly give up her fiancée for this stranger?

Never mind that I introduced her to her (former) fiancée. The table shakes and the coffee cup falls off the edge and shatters. The waitress rolls her eyes and heads over to my table. "I'll be right back with a broom." She hurries away, and when I look up, the whole diner is staring at me. I lean down, partly to pick up my mess, but mostly to hide my face, when the waitress returns.

The brother's efforts may lose their effectiveness, if the sister tells him to get lost or otherwise actively ruins his attempts to prevent the boyfriend from dating her.

After all, the sister may not take kindly to , not even her brother, trying to control who she can and cannot date.

Though someone should tell her that a bathroom stall is neither sanitary nor private. I can tell from her southern accent that it must be June, the waitress. "I will do anything to have Reyna control me," whispers back June. I need a plan to get out of here without confronting Reyna. If I can get to Maria and tell her what I saw, maybe I can end this relationship between them before it really gets going. I just saw your new girlfriend hypnotize and mindfuck a random waitress while watching the waitress get herself off?

I'm done here, and I don't mind letting her finish what she started, so I get up to leave the stall. There, Reyna is standing right in front of June and leaning down so she is eye level with her victim. "But you're not ready for me to control you." June lets out a whimper of disappointment. June gives out a squeal, which is either delight or pain. I sit back down on the toilet as quietly as I can (though I don't need to be that quiet thanks to June). I don't know what I'm going to do exactly, but I know I'm going to do everything I can to get Maria away from Reyna as soon as possible.

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"Alright, well if you need anything, I'm June," she offers her hand out to me, and I shake it. "I'm Sarah." "That's a pretty name," she adds, and holds onto my hand longer than I'm comfortable with. My favorite month, actually." "Two pretty names for two pretty girls," she says with a wink and walks away. I blush with the realization, but then get really embarrassed. "And this," says Maria as she steps aside like a magician on stage, "is Reyna! Her accent is a thick Spanish one, making the words sound heavy and breathy. "Uh, right," I manage while cleaning up the coffee I spilled. I peel off my oversized sweatshirt showing my simple black tank top beneath.

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