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Reading hot sex chat

He's not, he's actually just a lowly personal assistant that manages to blag his way into his boss Carrie Fisher's mega mansion in an attempt to impress Ms Bradshaw.

It works - they enjoy a steamy romp, only to be interrupted by Fisher herself the next morning. Arnett was giving Miranda Hobbs her 'best first date in history' in season two of SATC.

Meanwhile, people have revealed the creepy chat-up lines they have been sent on online dating apps.

He said that the woman had asked: “Oh, you're a writer? Well, what can you tell me that no one else here would know".

The man's tale begins with him impressing the woman after predicting she liked her coffee served hot, deduced from the fact she was shivering.

He says that it wasn’t the only thing he managed to guess, telling the girl he assumed she was also into “hot sex”.

Hands down one of the most memorable celebrity cameos of them all, the Gold actor's SATC guest appearance in season three was pretty genius.

Playing an OTT version of himself, a handsome Mc Conaughey met an excited Carrie to discuss turning her column into a movie.

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He was only 21 at the time and it was his second ever acting role.

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