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"If it hadn't been for this organization, I'd still be alone down here," he said.He plans to return to Pennsylvania, but he and Smith intend to keep in touch, with her possibly visiting him there.Florida is synonymous with cruising, because Miami, Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) and Orlando (Port Canaveral) serve the popular Caribbean region and are among the world's busiest cruise ports.Florida is also known for its large senior population, which makes cruising from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa a popular vacation choice for the growing group of baby boomers.Smith attended the dances about three years ago, then stopped for a couple of years and returned just before the two met.Fiorello had visited the Ocala area at the invitation of friends, then decided to spend more time here, arriving in early February.She heard about the club from a friend and began attending about four years ago.He started attending a little more than two years ago.

"You get to see people from all walks of life." Ocala Singles is the oldest affiliate of Singles Association of Florida, a league of nine clubs from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville.

The Kranzes plan to continue attending the dances that are open to alumni couples.

"It's always been really nice, a nice place to come," Helen said.

At the recent dance, Mako Smith of Ocala and Tony Fiorello of Pennsylvania were dancing almost exclusively with each other.

"We met here about a month ago, and we've been dancing here ever since. We found we had a lot of common, so we've kind of become an item," he said.

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