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Meghri was founded as Karchavan in 906 by king Smbat I of Armenia, during the period of the Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia.

Later, it was known as Meghri, meaning honey town in the Armenian language.

It was developed as a centre of food industry based on the local agricultural products of the region.

After the independence of Armenia, Meghri was included within the newly-formed Syunik Province, as per the administrative reforms of 1995.

He notes that in former times [it] has evidently been densely peopled for churches, abandoned but still perfect, are thickly scattered on the slopes of the mountains, which here rise to a height on the western side of 8000 to 10,000 feet, covered with forests.

The town was completely destroyed in 11 by the invading Seljuk forces.The Araz he describes as being here a rapid foaming torrent, fordable only in one place, about a mile and a half farther up the river.With the establishment of the Republic of Armenia in 1918, Meghri was included within the Zangezur region of the newly-founded republic.), is a town and urban municipal community in southern Armenia, located in Syunik Province, near the border with Iran.As of the 2011 census, the population of the town was 4,580.

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The area of present-day Meghri has been settled since the Bronze Age.