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Updating destination list delivery server has failed

This allows us to build Cloud-based destinations as the default.Using native advertising identifiers, our partners are able to reconcile a user who, for example, viewed an advertisement in one app and installed another app as a result, regardless of their SDK being present on the device.Before the request is flushed from the queue, the event is batched together with other events before being compressed and sent to our servers.Our SDKs minimize battery use and bandwidth use by powering up the radio less frequently and with smaller payloads. Sources send data into Segment, while Destinations receive data from Segment.Segment has four types of sources: Web, Mobile, Server, and Cloud App.Our web source is analytics.js, an example of a mobile source would be analytics-ios, an example of a server source would be analytics-node, and an example of a cloud app source would be our Stripe source.Different destinations are only compatible with specific source types.

We allow our customers to take advantage of advertising and attribution tools by loading their respective libraries and pixels in the context of the browser and triggering Deviced-based requests to that provider in response to Segment API calls.

For example, if you use the Cloud-based Connection Mode for Mixpanel, you won’t be able to use their features for in-app surveys or auto-tracking, which can be really valuable!

But you’ll get your data in their reporting and people features just fine.

If the delivery of the payload is unsuccessful or undetermined because of connection issues, our SDKs automatically retry the request until successful receipt of the payload.

Retries between Segment and Destinations The destination endpoint APIs we send data to have fluctuations in availability due to any number of issues ranging from network to code to overload.

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In order to override the default, check the destination settings pane in the app either for a Connection Mode toggle or instructions on bundling any additional mobile components required.

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