Updating modules

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Updating modules

One step I've recently added to my checklist is to clear the site cache just prior to uploading the updated module files. After a few minutes of my time in the Views issue queue, I found other people with a similar issue and the result was consistently some type of cache-clearing activity.Once I reinstalled the old versions, I cleared the cache, reinstalled the new versions and all was great.

In order to use them in your project, you will have to explicitly install the package, for example (assuming you are still in your main app project folder from the steps above): command will create a new project, add the tns-core-modules package as a dependency to its and install it.

Additionally, you can view the list of additional actions that might be required to conduct the update mechanism properly. Addon Modules Only: Log in to your WHMCS admin area.

Go to 'Settings' → 'Addon Modules' and deactivate the module you wish to update.

Older product versions may not resemble the screenshots below.

Whenever it's time for you to upgrade modules on your site, you should have a checklist of the steps involved. ) I found that if I didn't clear the cache prior to installing the updated Views module, I was faced with the dreaded White Screen of Death (WSOD to those of us familiar with it).

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To check which version of a specific module is in place in your ESET product, see Access information about product modules in ESET Windows home products.