Us voice dating llc

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Us voice dating llc

—Boston’s Grass Is Green play a brand of Malkmus-inspired post-punk that isn’t trying too hard to be liked.

Their angular guitar parts and elliptical lyrics never quite form into something you can settle into, and that’s the point.

They’ll play alongside Kevin Saunderson, one of techno’s originators, and Turtle Bugg, a more recent, New York–based disciple.

— the star persona of Daniel Day-Lewis, an actor, we’re told repeatedly, who “disappears” into his parts?

That might even be his essence: He’s not afraid to jar us, and to reveal the process to a degree.

For all his prodigious talent, what comes across most when we watch his performances is the effort he puts into them.

—An incredible lineup of Detroit techno veterans comes to Elsewhere’s main space this holiday weekend, featuring Octave One, a duo who have laid the groundwork for decades of electronic music.

Ramone will play selections from her lo-fi holiday covers album, Christmas in Reno. An alliterative conceit binds together what have become known as the “F shows”: “Frequency” in 2005, “Flow” in 2008, “Fore” in 2012.Quite simply, we are WMPR 90.1 Radio, the “Voice of the Community.” It’s been that way for over 30 years.Dating back to 1983, we began as a small radio station around the Tougaloo, Mississippi area.Whatever minimal tension arises derives from the contradiction inherent in soaking leisurely in a warm sonic bath while contemplating the labor of others.Niblock’s more recent videos, however, omit people and movement entirely, and instead stretch out images to several times their original duration.opportunities to parlay international partnerships and widescreen cinematography into tourism-by-proxy was lost on nobody as Hollywood and European cinemas advanced towards their late-studio-era dotage.

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