Who is maryse dating

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Who is maryse dating

The guy went over the top rope and took a flat back bump on the floor! The rest of the lower RAW roster comes out to help.

Reigns spears Strowman and Joe down before throwing some of the RAW members out of the ring. Tonight, we’ll see a 2-on-3 Handicap Match with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins take on The Miz and his entourage of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Bálor attacks him outside the ring and throws him back in.

Bálor chops him in the corner before Samson boots him.

Samson throws him out of the ring, but Bálor traps him in the apron and punches away at him.

At Summer Slam, Brock Lesnar will be facing Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman in a Fatal Four-way Match for the WWE Universal Championship. Joe and Reigns double-team him and knock him out of the ring. Strowman clotheslines Joe and sends Reigns shoulder-first into the ring post.

They attack him at ringside and dump him into the crowd. Angle calls security down, but Strowman makes quick work of them and murders one of them by throwing him over the top rope.

Bálor puts him back in the ring and applies a headlock.

Strowman decimated both men, leaving Lesnar’s Summer Slam opponent undecided.Bálor attacks him while he gets into the ring, and the chair falls to the floor.Bálor reverses a whip, so Samson tries to counter with a sunset flip.Bálor stomps away at him before getting out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. -Commercial Break- We come back from the break to see Samson try to take him down, but Bálor takes him down instead.Samson kicks him in the midsection before the chair is used on him. Samson kicks him out of the ring and kicks him shoulder-first into the barricade.

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